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Sharks on Tour at the AO

Updated: 4 days ago

While it may be cooling off at Torquay, some of our members have ventured up to the sunny Gold Coast for this year's Australian Open.

We have members playing in multiple disciplines across the week.

Men's Singles:


Congratulations to all of our Sharks for winning their respective sections and making through to the knockout stages.

Knockout: Saturday 15th 9:00am

Rd 2: Loss 4 - 21 (Corey Wedlock)

Rd 1: Win 21 - 12

Rd 2: Win 21 - 19 (Tyson Cromie)

Rd 1: BYE

Well Done to Joe and Russell for making to the last 256 and 128 players in the competition.

Well Done to James for a wonderful effort against Ray and making to the last 64 in the open.

Men's Pairs: Tuesday 11th 9:00am


James Banks/Joe Issell: 2 Wins +5 (3rd in section)

Russell Symons/Quoi Sei(QLD): 3 Wins +39 (Progressed into the knockout rounds)

Knockout: Monday 17th 9:00am

Rd 1: Win 17 - 9

Rd 2: Loss 13 - 15

Well Done Russell on making to the last 64 teams in the open.

Men's Fours: Thursday 13th 9:00am


Gary Banks/Joe Issell/James Banks (2nd in Section 2 wins +26 - Through to knockout as Next best placed team.)


Gary Banks/Joe Issell/Craig Elliott/James Banks

Rd 2 - Loss 11 - 13

Well done guys on making to the last 64 of the competition!!

Women's Fours: Friday 14th 9:00am


Ange Uebergang/Jen Aitken (1st in section 2 wins +15)

Knockouts: Monday 17th 9:00am

Ange Uebergang/Jen Aitken

Rd 1: Win 13 - 12

Rd 2: Loss 15 -16

Well done Ange & Jen on reaching the last 32 teams in the open!

Over 60's Men's Pairs: Monday 17th 9:00am


Gary Banks/Craig Elliott (4th in Section 0W -16)

Ron Sommerville/Rob Aitken (2nd in Section 2W +10)

Over 60's Women's Pairs: Tuesday 18th 9:00am


Ange Uebergang/Jen Aitken (4th in section 0W -26)

Karen Harrington/Kerry Gooley (1st in section 2W +39)

Knockouts: Wednesday 19th 9:00am

Rd 1: Win 15 - 10

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