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Twilight Bowling 2023-2024

Entry To Next Season of Twilight

To enter the next season of Twilight Bowls, please download and fill out the application form and read the Team Entry Conditions and Player Roles and Rules below.

Hand your completed application form to a bar staff member or Club Manager, or email the completed form to

McCartney's Twilight Bowls - Team Entry Conditions

  1. Team registrations will only be considered for entry in the Twilight season where there are at least FOUR affiliated TBC members in the team.

  2. Affiliated Membership is payable by no later than 30th June prior to the commencement of the season. Note that Social and RSL only members do not qualify for the purposes of Twilight.

  3. Membership year is 1st March to 28th February of the following year.

  4. Teams can register more than four people but at least four people must be affiliated members. All team members are entitled to play in the Twilight competition. Membership application/renewal forms are available in the Club or via the Website. A membership card entitling them to Club Benefits will be issued to the nominated member(s).

  5. Individuals or teams with less than four players should register their interest by completing and submitting a Registration form. The Team Manager will endeavour to make introductions via email between those individuals who can organise themselves into a qualifying team, register their team and apply for membership of the Bowls Club if not already members. Registration does not guarantee a team place, until at least four members are confirmed.

  6. Play will be in teams of four. There will be ladder competition on each night (Wednesday and Thursday) with a series of finals at the end of the season

  7. 7a. Division 3. Teams may include only one Division 3 or lower Pennant player or only one Division 1 Twilight player per night and that player can only lead.

    7b. Division 2. Teams may include only two Division 3 or lower Pennant players or only two Division 1 Twilight players or a combination of either per night, but if one is skipping the other must lead.

    7c. Division 1. Teams may include only two Division 3 or higher Pennant players per night, but 1 of those players must have previously played at least 3 Twilight seasons. This includes Pennant players from other clubs participating in the Twilight competition. The criteria to determine the status of any pennant player will be determined from the previous season at which that player played. Any fill in or non-registered player must only play position of Lead or Second. 

  8. Once teams are formed, it is the responsibility of the team to find replacements for absent members. Threes can play against fours with slightly different rules – namely all players can only play 2 bowls each (so a team of three will only have 6 bowls each end) Teams with less than three members on a night will not receive points for any cumulative prizes.

  9. To play in finals a player must be a registered member of a team on or before Jan 31st and play in at least three games for that team in the season, one of those games is to be before Christmas. A player can only be registered with one (1) team on Wednesday and one (1) team on Thursday. 

  10. Please nominate one player as a contact person for the team. At least one email address for each team will be used to communicate with teams and advise in the event that bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances cancels play on any night. It is the recipient’s responsibility to communicate with the rest of the team.

  11. Completed registration forms can be handed to the Twilight Team Manager or posted in their club mailbox or emailed to -

  12. Completed membership forms can be paid via EFT (see details on form) OR Give application form to bar staff and pay per Credit/Debit card / eftpos or Cash. IMPORTANT INFORMATION If there are team places left after 30th June, the Twilight Committee will advertise the availability and will accept entries from new teams that meet the qualifying criteria as described above, until Twilight is full. Membership and Twilight Registration forms available at the website -

Twilight Bowls: Player Roles and Rules of Competition

Team Roles and Protocols:


The Lead: If in control of the end will place the mat before bowls are kicked into position for the next end; deliver the jack and assist with bowls kicking after the end finishes. Not become involved in measuring.


The Second will collect the scorecard from the club house and deliver the scorecard to the official table, assist with bowls kicking. Not become involved in measuring.


The Third will be the sole measurer and judge of shots in collaboration with the other third; decide on the score after discussion with the opposing third, inform the skipper; work closely with the skipper on team management and strategy. When measuring the third will move each measured bowl aside and ensure that bowls kicked are in a safe position. Measure from the Jack to the bowl.


The Skip will control the strategy and keep score and be responsible for team organization in general including - adherence to the twilight alcohol rules, notification of team non-attendance; green care, dress and behaviour standards, finding fill ins, liaising with the match organizer and/or Team coordinator and may delegate another team member to skip.




Competition rules [A summarised version of ‘The Laws of the Sport of Bowls’]

  1. If the lead delivers the jack into the ditch, the opposing Skip may place the jack at a point of their choosing and on the centre line.

  2. If the jack comes to rest after the lead has delivered off the centre line, the lead’s skipper will move the jack to the centre line at the same distance.

  3. If any bowler bowls without one foot on or above the mat the delivered bowl will be removed from the green for that end. A bowl delivered without one foot on the mat prior to the delivery action is illegal and will be removed.

  4. If the jack is knocked sideways out of bounds the jack will be replaced on the T mark closest to where the Jack crossed the boundary but not in line with the boundary marker.

  5. If the Jack is knocked into the ditch within the boundary pegs it shall remain there untouched with following bowlers attempting to get closest. If a delivered bowl touches the jack and rolls into the ditch it shall remain untouched and in play.

  6. Any bowl that ends in the ditch within the rink boundaries without touching the jack before entering the ditch shall be removed for that end

  7. A bowls that, after delivery collides with another from the next rink shall be re-bowled.

  8. A skipper can lift a bowl on another rink and replace it if one of his teams’ bowls is about to collide with it.

  9. If a bowl is delivered out of sequence or a wrong bowl is delivered it will be removed from the green for that end.

  10. A bowl is deemed out of bounds if it is outside the rink in its entirety and decided by the skippers by eye.

  11. An end is short and must be replayed if it is estimated by the skippers to be less that the distance between the two side marker pegs.

  12. A team can adopt a measuring device of its own choosing. [piece of string to an official tape] but the best available to both teams must be used.

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