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Pennant Bowling 2023-2024

​Torquay Bowls Club has 6 Saturday Pennant Sides: Divisions-D1.S1, D1,S2, D3.S1, D4.S1, D4.S2, D5.S1 and 5 sides in the Midweek competition: ​Divisions-D1, D2.S3, D3.S1, D4.S1 & D4.S2.

After the 14 week season, Torquay has 3 Saturday sides and 2 Midweek sides in Finals.

Congratulations to those players and good luck.  Well done to all players, some just missing out from the top four.

Midweek Selectors Divisions contact:
T1-Sandra Skene, T2-Wally Wiener (chair), T3-Effie Wake, ​T4-Corry Hooiveld, T5-Elaine Rosser

Saturday Selectors Divisions contact: 
​T1-Paul French, T2-Mick Wake, T3-Peter Slater, T4&5-Hazel Price (chair), T6-Val Oswald.

Link to GBR Results and Ladders.

Current Rankings

Saturday Sides (after round 14)    Torquay sides composite ladders >here  
Div1.1 (T1): 1stDiv 1.2 (T2): 4thDiv 3.1 (T3): 6th​, Div 4.1 (T4): 3rdDiv 4.2 (T5): 6th,
​Div 5.1 (T6): 7th


Premierships: Torquay Div 1.1 & Torquay Div 4.1

Midweek Sides (after round 14)    Torquay sides composite ladders​ >here 
Div 1 (T1): 2nd,  Div2.3 (T2): 1st,  Div 3.1 (T3): 8th,  Div 4.1 (T4): 5th,  Div 4.2 (T5): 5th

Premierships: Torquay Div 2.3

2023-24 Pennant Season MVP AWARDS.


Div 1:               Alan SAMPSON                                         

Div 2.3:           Michael WAKE                                         

                       Peter BARNES                                    

Div 3.1:            Brendan GAUDION                                 

Div 4.1:            Ernie STEWART                                        

Div 4.2:           Trevor WILSON


Div 1.1:             Daryl KITCHEN

Div 1.2:            Karen HARRINGTON

Div 3.1:            Lauryn PLANT

Div 4.1:            Hazel PRICE

Div 4.2:           Phyllis LOELIGER

Div 5.1:            Graeme McTAGGART

LOU CRAMERI Medal Winner:      

1st:     Josh Rudd                                285 votes

2nd:  Joe Issell                                   268 votes

3rd:   Phyllis Loeliger                         259 votes

4th:   Ray Casemore                        258 votes

T5th: Peter Barnes                            256 votes

T5th: Karen Harrington                    256 votes

T5th: Daryl Kitchin                            256 votes

6th:   Alan Sampson                        254 votes

7th:   Peter Anderson                       253 votes 

T8th: Brian Calthorpe                      252 votes

T8th: Rob Milesi                                 252 votes

T9th: Robert Grubb                          250 votes

T9th: Karen Wiener                          250 votes

10th:  Hazel Price                              249 votes

Pennant Results

Other Info:
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