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Life Members
This is the highest accolade the club can give.  Our Life members have for over at least 10 years contributed a significant benefit to our club.  They have enhanced the way we operate and have achieved many good and positive things for our club.  This is the highest honour the club can give to a high achieving affiliated member. The constitution and Regulations allow for 12 Life Members.

* Our Members who have rolled away. RIP

J. W. White                                     Awarded ?

C.M.R. Colclough*                         Awarded ?

J. Pettitt*                                         Awarded 1940
Mr Eric. (Ted) Duffield*                Awarded 1942
A.C. Rice*                                         Awarded 1942
J. Goodman*                                  Awarded 1962
H.M.  White*                                   Awarded 1973
C.H. Dixon*                                     Awarded 1973
Mr Joe Meagher*                          Awarded 1986
A. Lois Muir*                                   Awarded 1986
Mr Max E. Cornish*                       Awarded 1986
Mr Arthur Hughes*                      Awarded 1986
Mr Roy R. McKenzie*                   Awarded 1986

Mrs Lois Muir*                               Awarded 1986

Mr Alan Smith*                             Awarded 1990

Mrs May McKenzie*                     Awarded 1990
Mr Robert Duffield*                     Awarded 1992
Mr Robert Wood Pettitt*            Awarded 1993

Mrs Helen Casey                       Awarded 1993
Mrs J. Elaine Webster*                Awarded 1995
Mr Alf C. Burrell*                           Awarded 1995
Mr Don Mariager                   Awarded 2003
Mr Fraser Stewart*                       Awarded 2003

Mrs Beryl Scott                          Awarded 2008
Mr Bennett F. Dunstan*             Awarded 2010              
Mr Louis L. Crameri*                    Awarded 2011         
Mr Geoff Grigg                           Awarded 2015
Mr Kevin McCormack*                Awarded 2016
Mr Ian Gribble                            Awarded 2017
Mrs Claire Crameri                   Awarded 2018
Mrs Gwenda Grigg                   Awarded 2022
Mr John Forbes                         Awarded 2022
Mrs Rosemary Canning         Awarded 2022

Distinguished Services Award

This is the next accolade the club can honour a person with, either member or non-member.  A recipient of a DSA has been recognised as a person who has enhanced our club through diligent or generous service.  This recognition is well deserved and a great honour and is open to all deemed to deserve this honour.

* Our Members who have rolled away. RIP

Bill Hamshere                                                Awarded ?

George Oxley*                                                              Awarded 2018
​John Goodwin*                                                            Awarded 2019
John Forbes - Also Life Member                          Awarded ?
Rosemary Canning - Also Life Member            Awarded ?
Bill Dobson                                                                Awarded ?

Wayne Chaffey                                                         Awarded 2024

Lynette Blake                                                            Awarded 2024

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