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About Us

Club Officials

Board of Management

Chair - Peter Anderson

Secretary - Mark Coombs

Treasurer - Steven Marvilla


Business - Daryl Clutterbuck

Facilities - Rob Aitken

Marketing - Scott Holmes

Bowls President - Joe Issell

Club Manager

Bar / Bistro Manager - Andrew Dodson

Bowls Committee

Bowls President - Joe Issell   
Secretary - Brendan Gaudion 
Bowls Services Coordinator - Margaret Hirth
Pennant Coordinator - Wayne Chaffey
​Tournaments/Championships - Karen Harrington
Social Bowls - Bernie Convery
Twilight - Allanah Rodrigues

Twilight  Subcommittee

Coordinator - Allanah Rodrigues
Secretary - Gail Crane 

Steven Sandri
Jen Aitken
Kevin Donchi
Joan Steele
​David Steele

Selection Committees

Saturdays - Hazel Price (Chair), Paul French, Michael Wake, Peter Slater, Val Oswald
Tuesdays - Wally Wiener (Chair), Corry Hooiveld, Sandra Skene, Effie Wake, Elaine Rosser

Tournament/ Championship Committee

Karen Harrington (Chair), Geoff Grigg, Helen Williams,  Margaret Hirth

Social Bowls

Bernie Convery (coord.)
Summer Committee: Bernie Convery, Gary Wakefield, John Touhey, Jim Boucher, Sam Grima, Helen Williams, Frank McFarlane
Winter Committee:​ Gary Wakefield, Robert Grubb, Helen Williams, Frank McFarlane, Sam Grima, Val Oswald.

Bowls Services Coordinator

Margaret Hirth


Publicity Officer

Gary Banks


Centenary Planning Committee

Peter Anderson (Chair), Allanah Rodgrigues (Convenor), Rosemary Canning, Sam Turner, Wayne Chaffey, Dan Tudor, Joe Issell, Frosty Miller


Greens Manager

Ron Sommerville


Website Administration

Karen Harrington


Social Media

Kristabelle Wallis


FLAME - Friends Looking After Members

Gail Crane, Rosemary Canning, Philip Price, Karen Wiener, Angela Clarke

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