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Club Championships

Club Championship games are open to all affiliated TBC club members. They are a great opportunity for all players to play against their peers. It is a great leveller for players of all grades and experience.  We encourage you to enter! 

Please note: Championship Committee will be flexible to allow members to enter championship events, however, please commit to the dates set and only seek to move a game for valid reasons. 

Games must be played on the fixtured date.  When you enter, reserve the dates so you are available to play.  For unavoidable clashes, the championship committee may grant permission for a game during the rounds to be played prior to the fixtured date - if your opposition agrees.  This is generally not possible where there are two rounds on one day except for a clash with a GBR event or similar.  


Any request for rescheduling must be made to the Championship Committee coordinator for approval and arrangement for a rink/s.


Finals are to be played on the scheduled date except for exceptional circumstances.
The final of the Men's & Ladies Club Championship Singles will not be moved (except for very exceptional circumstances).

Payment must be made before closing date $10/player or you will not be in the draw.

All Torquay Bowls Club Championships will be in BowlsLink Competitions.  

To enter: Players to login to BowlsLink at using your email and password**.

  • Click on "Competitions", click on "Available" tab, type "TBC" in the search box.

  • Make sure the "organising body" is Torquay Bowls Club for the event you choose

  • Click on the spanner symbol on the competition you want to enter & click "Enter Competition"

Online draws and results will all be via the BowlsLink portal >here
​​A list of current entries to date can be viewed at any time in BowlsLink
​The event will be in either the active or upcoming tab, click on the event you require & then choose the entries tab.

**Members unable to login to BowlsLink or enter online should contact Kas Harrington for assistance.


Men's Pairs C/Ship -      Final Results / BowlsLink results
Winners: Joe Issell / Josh Rudd
Runners Up:  Glenn Gibson / Bernie Convery

Women's Pairs C/Ship -  Print Results / BowlsLink results

Winners: Karen Wiener / Kas Harrington
Runners Up;  Jen Gaudion / Shani Hill

Men's Singles C/Ship -   Final Results / BowlsLink Results    
Winner: Joshua Rudd

Runner Up:  Russell Symons

Women's Singles C/Ship -  Final Results / BowlsLink Results

Winner:  Karen Harrington

Runner Up:  Ro Porter

Open Triples C/Ship -      Final Results / BowlsLink Results      
Winners: Ange Uebergang/Ron Sommerville/Peter Anderson

Runners Up: Neil Barnard/Brad Cue/Tim Humphries

Men’s Veterans Singles C/Ship-  Final Results / BowlsLink Results

Winner:  Geoff Grigg
Runner Up:  Paul French

Women's Veterans Singles C/Ship -  Final Results / BowlsLink Results

Winner:  Corry Hooiveld
Runner Up: Angela Clarke

Minor Open Singles C/Ship -   Final Results / BowlsLink Results
Winner: Bernie Convery
Runner Up:  Ray Casemore

​100-up H'Cap Open Singles -  Print Results / BowlsLink Results

Conditions of Play
Rd 3-Sun 10 Mar 10am, Qtr F-Sun 10 Mar 1pm
Semi F-Sun 24 Mar 10am, Grand F-Sun 24 Mar 1pm

Mixed Pairs C/Ship -   Conditions of Play         
Entries Close: 6pm Sat 23 Mar 2024

Rd 1-Sun 7 Apr 10am, Rd 2 Sun 7 Apr 1pm,
Rd 3-Sat 13 Apr 10am, Semi F-Sun 14 Apr 10am
​Grand F-Sun 14 Apr 1pm

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