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3 Pennant Premierships for Torquay!

Updated: Apr 4

Geelong Bowls Region 2023-2024 Pennant Season has finished, with Grand Finals being played this week.

In the Midweek competition Torquay had 2 of its 5 sides in the top four and into finals. Div 1 was eliminated in the first rounds but Torquay 2 in Division 2 Section 3 won through to the Grand Final played on Tuesday 12th March and were successful with a 61-47 Premiership win. Well done.

The Saturday competition saw 3 of its 6 sides playing in finals. Torquay 2 in Division 1 Section 2 were eliminated in the Semi finals. However Torquay 1 in Division 1 Section 1 and Torquay 4 in Division 4 Section 1 both won through to the Grand Final played on Sunday 17th March. Big congratulations to both sides posting a win, Torquay 1 convincingly against Portarlington 89-61 and Torquay 4 with a thriller against Drysdale 73-71.

Back L-R:Mick Wake, Mgr-Bernie Convery, Lauryn Plant, Tim Jenkinson, Peter Barnes, Eileen Williams, Emerg-David McKenzie, Elaine Rosser, Emerg-Phylis Loeliger, Con Papastergiou Front L-R: Angela Clarke, Shani Hill, Wayne Canning, Ro Porter, Wally Wiener

Back L-R: Tim Jenkinson, David Cairns, Robert Grubb, Rob Milesi, Alan Sampson, Joe Issell, Mick Wake, Andy Shaw, Zane Lugg, Brett Irvine

Front L-R: Daryl Kitchin, Gary Banks, Russell Symons, Vin O'Flaherty, Paul French, Josh Rudd

Back L-R: Dan Schroter, Graham Locke, Geoff Crane, Angela Clarke, Michelle Issell, Dragan Jovanovic, Glenn Gibson, Bernie Convery, Mgr-Rod Hill, Philip Price, Emerg-Terry Illingworth, Peter Hirth

Front L-R: Peter Soulsby, Peter Phillips, Gill Pritchard, Hazel Price, Shani Hill, John Touhey

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